so I just better stay inside of the house, listen music, lay on the bed all day, talk with a lot of companies and dont text any body, instead of going out with friends and wasting money and treat them and then afterwards it’s like nothing happens :/ MONEY WASTED DAWG !
fuckin emotions can’t get over in my feelings!
Why is this fuckin’ pain can’t heal easily here in my heart?
you’re like a tattoo in it.
I’m actually hurt.


I just don’t show anything. I hate talking about my feelings and problems, because honestly, people really don’t care and it’s just a total waste of time telling people about my life. People are just the worst, even though I’m human. They’re rude and cruel. On the outside, I’m straight forward and blunt, not showing any pain. But in the inside, it’s a whole new world, I’m broken and crying over and over again.


Have you ever thought about how much it hurt me?
af that foo!